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Shiloh’s “SINGED” script launches on The Blacklist

April, 2017

The latest news from North Korea – call it sabre rattling – certainly makes a new screenplay seem ripped out of the headlines. And that makes it ‘radioactive hot’as far as film properties go.

Doug Shiloh launched a hosting of the screenplay of his indie-styled feature “Singed” on the highly-credited screenwriting site “The Blacklist.”

The respected site is a gateway for screenwriters and industry pros, created by Franklin Leonard in the mid 2000s. Various scripts on The Blacklist that were “listed” have found a home as major Hollywood productions and Oscar winners. The complete list is here.

“It’s a first step and quite an equalizer, especially for a writer not based in LA,” Shiloh said. “The Blacklist is an essential, if not necessary tool for any screenwriter wanting to break in. Franklin should get a special Oscar for what he created. It’s a game-changer.”

Scripts posted at The Blacklist can be downloaded and read, then given a review for certain factors. So far, Shiloh’s ratings have mentioned a wish for more character development in the character “J.D.”

“J.D. shows up in the ‘third act’ but what readers don’t know is that I fully intend to have the whole ‘Singed’ thing as a trilogy. J.D. is an equal, full character in Part II and the focus in Part III. You have to remember, Yoda wasn’t even in Star Wars: Episode IV: A New Hope.”

Shiloh’s timely story  – with growing room to be a trilogy – is one of those “loosely based on real life” – a story about a school custodian and family man who worries about WW III, so he starts up a garage band and records an Orson Welles’-styled concept album.

“I’d started a band in the late 90s called ‘Singed’ and we did original WW III songs and some music videos. We gigged out a bit.  The personnel changed – I counted 11 bassists in 2 years. It was like Spinal Tap that way. The band was just one element of the whole multimedia project. But as for now, I thought it’d be worth it to set down the story, but there’s much more.”

Pro readers see that ‘Singed’ is built to be a modest-budgeted flick, but Shiloh may snag the radioactive-hot property himself and produce it outside of Chicago in his hometown of Rockford, Illinois.

“We could do a lot with a modest budget and I’ve already talked with a fine Chicago actor who’s ready to be on board,” Shiloh said. “As for the lead, it would fit great for an actor like ‘early Nic Cage or John Cusack’, a guy that’s about 35.”

Photo: Guitarist Art Turner Jr. (second from left) and Doug Shiloh formed the band SINGED in the late 1990s.  In 2016, Turner and Shiloh wrote a song last for the TV pilot ‘DEAD EXIT’ to be performed by the Jade Bloodworth character. Roxy Saint is attached to portray Jade…



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